Investment Planning

We assess families' existing investments exposure by conducting a consolidated portfolios report and support them in building their Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) and Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that will serve as the foundation that guides and governs the family investment-related decisions. The SAA and IPS will be developed through the support of independent advisors and based upon a complete understanding of the family's long-term liquidity need, risk appetite, investment goals, return expectations, and constraints.

Investment Implementation

We support our clients during this ongoing implementation process of their targeted Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) while also bearing in mind their Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to achieve their target investment returns and goals. We help introduce families and open new relationships with top-tier local and international investment managers who are fully dedicated to executing the best strategies in their respective asset classes.

Investment Monitoring

We work on consolidating our clients' portfolios, monthly and quarterly, to track and monitor their current versus Strategic Asset Allocation and to analyze the portfolios overall performance. This consolidation is our key to monitor potential risks, rebalancing the portfolios, and actively planning the client's forward investments.